Sandy Hits

Oct 30 10:38am – I think we in South LA survived Sandy.  Yesterday afternoon and evening she blew really hard, spit a lot of rain at us, and made it cold.  Then, around 10:30pm on Mon night she shut our lights out.  For a few hours the UPS in the house beeped but even it couldn’t hang on long enough for the power to come back on so its beeps bleeped and faded away after a few hours.  Complete silence except for the howling of the wind outside and the rain spattering on the windows and chimney.  And the buzz in my head.

My flashlights were ready and I wrapped myself up in blankets and kept reading In Cold Blood for much of the night on my Nexus 7. It got pretty chilly, I will admit, but all in all, not much different than camping out on a fall night.

(And thanks to Lola for keeping me company – you are awesome.)

I followed the news on Twitter through the night and felt fortunate that all I had lost was power but also felt very sad for those further north who were taking the brunt of Sandy.  Fire, rain, wind, snow – all that makes for miserable survival.  I’m sorry there is so much hurt from the storm.

I woke this morning to the sound of heaters humming and clocks flashing.  Power was back on about 12 hours after it had gone off.

Looking outside, I was surprised to see many squirrels and birds out in the yard rummaging around for whatever they rummage for after a storm.  I figured that if they were out then the bad parts of the storm were past.  Yea for the birds and squirrels.

There is still a slight breeze, a misty rain, and gray clouds – but I think Sandy has blown past us.

Be well, friends to the north.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you…

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