Sep 12 9:13pm – Attended my first GriefShare grief support group this evening.  I’ve been waiting to start this for several months.  I was not disappointed.  I think – though hard – that this will be just what I have been needing and wanting to find.  People just like me and as raw as me.

– Fifteen weeks – through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We might even meet on those days.  I like that.  It’s recommended that participants sit through at least two 15-week sessions.  No cost, by the way.

– Eight of us – six participants and two facilitators.  I am the token male.

– Of the six, four recently lost their spouses (less than five months).  The other two lost parents.

– The opening remarks and video tapped almost every button that I have had to deal with and am dealing with now.  Compassionate and empathetic but hard-hitting.  Very difficult – but good medicine, I think.

– It’s a safe place – a vault.  What is discussed stays with the group.

– I have a workbook with homework.  Good.

– While not necessarily a minority group, we are an elite group. Our lives are forever changed.

– I’m thankful and blessed for this opportunity.  I hope I can work through my own struggles and begin to start giving back.  This is a God-thing.  I’m sure of it.

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