Sep 7 9:31am – Thank you to my special friends at Rockhill Elementary School for your kind and generous donation to the Washington Hospital Center Heart Failure Unit in behalf of Regina.  The notices I receive stating that a donation has been made in Regina’s name never gets old – perhaps we can all prevent the loss of a loved one in the future through more instruction and research.  Our loss can be someone else’s gain.

To those at RES, thanks again, and I hope you have a good school year.  I thought of you this past Tues morning – it was very calm and quiet at my house unlike the last 30 years or so on the first day of school.  Those mornings were always filled with anxiety, anticipation, hope, a bit of mayhem, but also – for sure – a confidence and conviction that ‘we can do it again’.  Good for all of you teachers, assistants, and administrators for doing what you do – it changes lives.

Mine was changed.

I have recently found courage to go through a few of Regina’s items that you graciously packed out of Regina’s school room from last year.  Some of the items I don’t recognize and I guess the stories are gone forever.  Other items, I know exactly what they are – they tell strong and powerful stories.  I’m still not through a few of her bags – it’s pretty hard. But I’m glad you packed this stuff out for me.  So many treasures.

One item I found is something that Regina was never able to see.  Sad for her.  She, of course, would have been able to tell so much about the content.  The words mean much to me.

What a surprise to hear of your retirement!  My first thought was – oh no!  All those incoming kindergartners will miss out!  I had to let you know how blessed we were to have an introduction to Rockhill as special as you.  What a wonderful beginning to our elementary education journey.  S__ and A___ had such wonderful experiences with you, and I always felt so welcome in your classroom.  I hope you will always remember how special you are to so many.  Love.

Seems so long ago.  Who would have known?  

It’s becoming more about memories now.  And tell-tale influences that remain.  The images are fading ever so slightly in my mind.  I look at pictures now and think about – the past.  Where were we?  When was it?  Who was there?  Why?  Sometimes I have to think about what she looked like or how she acted.  It gets blurry around the edges.

And I don’t want to let go but the future draws me pulls me forward whether I want to go there or not.

Memories are just memories.  How bittersweet they can be.

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