It Keeps Moving

Aug 11 10:57pm – Long day.

1. After lightning hit last week and knocked out my DIRECTV, the repairman came in today and fixed what had been damaged – he replaced the receiver box.  Works well, now.  

2. Talked with Ady.  Luma’s mom is still with us but barely.  She hasn’t eaten in two weeks, is not wanting to take meds, and drinks only a little bit of water each day.  She is now completely bedridden.  Prayers for the Lupascu family during a very hard time.

3. Brian is still in Afghanistan but will be leaving shortly for Germany and then probably Bethesda.  Richard and Beth tells that he has called several times, is hurting pretty bad but is up and walking around, and can move a few of his fingers – but not all of them. He is in a cast – on the left side – from his shoulder down to his wrist.  When he gets stateside, Katelynn will fly over and be with him here.  No one can yet guess the future for Brian.  The ‘one injured’ is Brian in this article from BBC.  Prayers for the families who lost their sons and husbands in this tragic event. 

4. I picked and edited the photos off of my iPhone that I want to send up to WHC.  As you may or may not recall, the heart failure staff at WHC had asked for some photos of Regina during her stay at WHC.  Also, they wanted to see how I had mounted her new heart’s strip in frame – I have a picture of this, too.  Spending a few hours doing this today was pretty hard but I now have the photos on my thumb-drive.  I hope to perhaps take the drive to CVS tomorrow and get the photo printouts.

5. Thanks to Christian for an excellent conversation and meal of wild wings topped off by some Cheez-Its and ‘The African Queen’ – a classic Bogart movie.  I really enjoyed the evening and I’m glad we could hang out.  Especially the part where Christian whipped out the cash for dinner.  Next movie – ‘Casablanca’.  (By the way, I am NOT reading the messages on your phone.  Oh, and thanks for coming down, Maddi.)

6. As always, a good and comforting telephone conversation with Mom.  You are a blessing to me, Mom, and I appreciate your continuing support.  I guess we neither expected to be doing this kind of thing together, did we?  Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that we would be taking care of each other in the way that we are doing this.

7. I’m thinking about Zak and Kathy tonight.  They are ‘trying out’ for a position at a church in Lake Orion in Michigan this weekend.  They’ve been in Lake Orion since Fri and will be leaving on Mon.  Tomorrow (Sun), of course, will be a big day.  Prayers for this family.  God’s will be done.  (It’s exciting, isn’t it?)

8. And finally, I took my teriyaki chicken out of the crock pot and put it in the refrigerator in preparation for maybe three or four meals this coming week.  It cooked for about ten hours in the pot – it smells awesome and looks great.  On top of rice or noodles, it will be excellent.  Can’t wait.

And life moves on.  It doesn’t stop.  There is little time to catch a breath.  God, give me strength to endure.

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