Aug 9 10:16pm – From Brian’s dad Richard.

Thank you all for your care, concern and prayers for Brian over the last few months.  Beth and I are very grateful, but need to ask for even more support.

We just received a phonecall from the Marine Corps Casualty Branch.  Brian was seriously injured by a gunshot wound to his left arm, apparently by an Afghani police officer who turned on his unit.  He’s been medevaced from the village in which he was stationed to a hospital at Camp Bastion where he is being x-rayed and evaluated.  We don’t have any more information than that at this time.

Katelynn has been notified, and Beth spoke with her a few minutes ago.  Please keep her in your prayers also.  We don’t know if there are any other casualties among Brian’s unit, but for those of you who remember those hard charging Marines from his wedding, please keep them in your prayers also.

I believe that the fact that we were notified via phone is a very good sign that his injuries are not considered life threatening; normal procedure in those situations is for notification to be made in person.  We will update everyone as soon as we can.

I have a hard time understanding things like this.  Casualty of war.  God be with us all – to include, of course, Brian.

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