Aug 8 7:43pm – Deb has set a few of us up with the 2012 Congenital Heart Walk for some fun and exercise and a way to help fight congenital heart disease.  With our team that is named the ‘Queen of Hearts’, a bunch of us will be walking on Sat, Aug 18 at the Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, VA to benefit the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) and The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF).  Information for the Richmond version of this walk is here.  Walks like this will be taking place all over the US in coming months – maybe there is one near you.

Of course, you are invited to participate with us in the walk or simply support any of the walkers.  Visit Queen of Hearts and sign up to walk with us or support one or a few of the Queen of Hearts walkers.

I appreciate Deb for setting this up.  First, I am having to get in shape to make this walk so I have a reason to be out almost every day getting in shape.  But second, and obviously, this is a good cause that maybe will let us use some of our pent up anxiety, grief, or energy and get out there and – in Regina’s name – help out people who still have a fighting chance.

On one hand, I have asked so much of you for so many months.  But on the other hand – and thanks to Deb for reminding me of this – this is something that is simple, easy, and uplifting for you and me that is all for a good purpose and cause – so I like the idea.

Getting out of the bubble is hard.  I make myself do it.  This walk and so many other things – I understand I need to slowly and intentionally be getting into the flow of life again.  No regrets or remorse – but life waits for me.

Help out if you can.  But if not, just remember us.  

As I know you will.

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