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Aug 7 8:43pm – I received a card from the Heart Failure Unit at WHC today.  These people are some of the most amazing and kind people I have ever met.  A few notes from the beautiful card…

“So sorry for your loss.  Please know your kind and gentle support of Regina was inspiring to our team.  We wish you and your family love and peace during such a trying time.”

“I am so sorry for your loss.  Your love and support of Regina was always evident.  Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.”

“Mr Zumwalt and sons.  I was so touched by the love you showed your wife and the joy you experienced in caring for her.  You are in our thoughts.  Do not hesitate to call if we can be of help.”

“My deepest sympathy to your family.  I am thinking of you.  The love and dedication you showed her was truly inspirational.”

“We are all so sorry for your loss.  Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.  With deepest sympathy. – CVRR Staff”

“With deep sympathy. – The Advanced Heart Failure team at Washington Hospital Center”

I don’t want to go too far here but these notes – and others in the card – were from the WHC social workers that took such good care of us and from staff who assisted us in medical insurance preparation, among others.

I’m speechless and truly humbled by notes and thoughts like these.

I want to also acknowledge the kind people who are still sending me cards.  I received a card today from a very special lady – the mother of one of my best friends – and she wrote some of the kindest and most heart-warming things that anyone could have written.  Among other things…

“She was such a wonderful person – so brave and uncomplaining.  So caring about everything and everyone.  Even thinking about it now brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.”

Yes, I know what you mean.  

I could go on and on.  But I want all of you to know how much your kind words mean to me – in cards and what was said to me today at lunch and anytime.  Your encouraging words of remembrance and love is the fuel that brings about slow healing.  Truly.

Thank you.

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