Closing Out

Aug 6 6:42pm – I decided that today was the day to close out or suspend some more of Regina’s accounts.  It was so difficult – especially when the accounts were for something that she enjoyed.  I had hoped it would only take a few minutes but it ended taking an hour or two and I lost it several times.  Emotions still come so powerfully and strong.

I suspended her Facebook account.  She liked the account to keep up with friends and family and acquaintances.  She often wanted to show me or tell me something interesting that she had just seen or heard about someone.  She always got very agitated and sad when posts from others contained swearing and photos that, at best, were simply lewd.  She really got riled up about people putting stuff out there that was “nasty”, she would say.  (I agree with her!)  Anyway, it was something that she didn’t spend a lot of time with but she did enjoy the conversations and photos from nice people.  Especially the photos of grand-kids.

I suspended her Twitter account.  Again, she liked to keep up with people.  But, as many of you will agree, she never completely figured out how to use Twitter.  Like the numerous times when she thought she was sending something private only to be sending her remarks to the whole world – all out there!  Oh my goodness.  It was funny and sad all at the same time.  But, it was a way to keep in touch with people, too, and she enjoyed it.  Again, especially the photos.

I had been dreading it – I don’t know why – but I finally turned off her cell phone.  She was a very slow adopter of her fancy iPhone but once she started getting the hang of doing Internet, email, Twitter, maps, Facebook, web surfing, games, messaging, and phone calls – she was hooked really bad.  Unlike any of us (right?), she had the phone with her most of the time.

Many of you know – she would message with you and talk with you and ask you how you were doing or where you were meeting or how were the kids and on and on.  She loved messaging – and, fortunately, it didn’t broadcast to the whole world like with Twitter sometimes.  

She and I shared many short messages each day.  It was usually cordial.  Usually. But it was always a break.  I enjoyed it.

Of course, she had hundreds of pictures on her iPhone.  Before I reset it and then turned it off with AT&T, I grabbed all of her photos.  Below is the last photo she took.  Some of you will recognize it – her room on 4D at WHC.  Not real sure why she took it – maybe just bored.

On her iPhone were many, many pictures of grand-kids from many years back – I often found her looking at them.  She liked her iPhone.

I called AT&T not knowing what or how they would react to me taking one of the phones off of the plan but kind Michelle completely understood and quickly took care of things for me – no charge.  Thanks, Michelle at AT&T.

I’m not sure why but turning off Regina’s phone was really hard.  Michelle had to ask me a few questions, of course, and I couldn’t speak – I was so distraught.  It struck like lightning.  Michelle apologized for making it hard and offered her condolences and took care of business and that was that.  

5353 is no more…

I also canceled Regina’s Earthlink email account – if you send something to her old Earthlink account it will now come back “delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.”  Permanently.  Yes, I guess so.  


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