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Aug 1 9:10pm – My friend Nehal put me on to something called Dinner Done! (go here for more info) in Fairfax.  It’s about 15 minutes from my office and is on my way home in the evenings.  Anyway, I’ve had a tiny bit of experience preparing meals in advance and then putting them in the freezer for when I need them.  Dinner Done! takes it a step further – they not only let you take meals home (look at their neat menu) but you can prepare the meals in their own kitchen at ‘entree stations’.  All the ingredients, utensils, and clean-up is included in the price.  I walk away with a freezer-cooler (which I supply) of meals for the next few weeks (on top of my crock pot delicacies in the freezer right now!).  Is that sweet or what?

I picked five entrees to prepare.  Each will have 2-3 meal servings for me:

1.  Chicken Pot Pie
2.  Feta & Pesto Stuffed Chops
3.  Shoyu Chicken Breasts
4.  Fiorini Pasta w/ Sweet Sausage and Zucchini
5.  Ropa Vieja

My scheduled cooking day (it takes two hours) is next Fri.  Interestingly, Dinner Done! allows each participant to bring one friend – no more.  Space is limited.  This time I will do it myself unless you want to be my friend.  

Here is the part that scares me.  From the website:

You will have time to chat with old friends, or [make] a few new ones!

Do they expect us to intermingle and have conversations?  Must we look at people and engage in spontaneous communication?  Is interaction part of the price?  I don’t know about this.  Can’t I simply follow the recipes – with head down and looking intently at my work – and get through the two hours?

This may be hard.  New people.  Uh-boy.

Seriously, this will be a good and fun activity.  I’m looking forward to it.  And it helps me out, to boot.

This is out of my comfort zone and it is something that I have never done and it is around people who I don’t know and it is something I would probably never have done any other time.  Yes, I feel some guilt – I have felt this several times when doing things for the first time in the past month or so.  I understand the reason for my feeling – it, apparently, is normal for people in my circumstance – but it feels funny and awkward and a bit intimidating.  I guess I will have to work through it.

Thanks, Nehal.


UPDATE 9:57pm – Yea!  I have a friend!  Two of us will do this.  Awesome.  

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