Cards Too Late

Jul 31 7:17pm – Thank you, Marilyn, for the cards today…

“Best wishes for a happy retirement.”

“Miss you but you deserve the retirement.”

“Miss you but I hope your days are filled with love and good health.”

“I am so jealous that you are retiring! You can spend all of your time with the grand-kids.  Congratulations. Now you can watch The Closer all day! Take care and enjoy.”

“Holy Moly.  So many memories of laughter, crazy DD adventures, and Rockhill days.  How blessed we all have been to teach w/ you and have you as a part of our lives.  Take good care.”

“I hope you have a peaceful and joyous retirement! We will miss you.”

“I hope that we can get together now that we’re both retired! Enjoy!”

“We will miss you at Rockhill, but couldn’t be happier for you!!  Take care of yourself & get well soon so you can enjoy your retirement.”

“I will never forget all that you did for me to help me become the teacher I am today!  You also inspired in both my kids the love to learn – you were the best teacher for them.  I will miss our rooms next to each other but I know we will go out to lunch many days! Love always – your friend…”

“Blessings on your next life.”

Thanks to all of you – her friends and peers.  She would have loved the party.

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