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Jul 27 11:19pm – I just got in.  I was kindly invited to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony with Michelle and David and others.  Thanks for asking.  Unfortunately, I just couldn’t wait up for Team USA.  Hope they made it to the party.  

Watching the teams arrive in the stadium reminded me of sitting through a high school graduation – wait and wait and wait.  Then – snap – your favorite individual walks past and it is all over.  I don’t know – I saw enough, I think.  

By the way, I’m not up on my British history and cultural memes but did you, like me, not really get most of the references and representations during the extended opening of the Ceremony?  Children having nightmares?  Abraham Lincoln look-a-likes?  But I will admit that I think the British loosened up a bit when the Queen jumped out of the helicopter with 007!


I received another call this afternoon from some special people.  Dr. Mousavi and Sherry, his head nurse, called to offer their condolences.  Regina told me recently that Dr. Mousavi had been her cardiologist for almost 16 years – that’s a long time.  He had advised, prescribed, tested, and listened through three open-heart surgeries, countless scans, innumerable EKGs, and multiple cardiac catheterizations.  He and Sherry and the staff at Dr. Mousavi’s office in Woodbridge would take Regina’s calls and always help her out, they would greet her and ask about the grandchildren, and they would always smile and were consistently kind, understanding, and patient through the easy times and the hard times.

Dr. Mousavi also extended condolences from Dr. Bafi, the surgeon who did Regina’s pericardial-strip at WHC a few years ago.   Dr. Mousavi said that he and Dr. Bafi often discussed Regina’s case and how she was getting along – Dr. Bafi was always happy to hear that Regina was doing well.

Dr. Mousavi said that Regina was a princess and that she was one of his favorite patients.  When Dr. Najjar had called him a few days after Regina passed, he said he was heartbroken.  He did say, though, that she was a fighter and that he had done everything within his power to help her out every time – and I agree.

Sherry said that Regina is now in heaven – where she should be.  Yes, Sherry, I agree with you, too.

The two talked with me for maybe ten minutes on the phone.  Dr. Mousavi apologized for not calling sooner but he didn’t want to cause any more pain for me.  He said that if ever he could do anything for me, just call him.

Dr. Mousavi sat with me and Regina quite a few times telling us the good news and the not so good news.  He came to me on several occasions – as I waited in the waiting room at Potomac Hospital or in his office – and would give me the straight skinny on Regina’s condition.  He is the one who told me at Potomac Hospital after her final cardiac catheterization that things did not look good and that he was going to have her transported to WHC for another heart surgery of some kind – no one knew yet what she needed.  He knew, though, that she wouldn’t survive long with her deteriorating heart.

I can think of two conversations that I will never forget having with Dr. Mousavi.  After one of Regina’s heart surgeries a few years back, he said that when he had decided to send her up to WHC for the pericardial-strip, he feared that he would never see her again.  He said he ached for her.  And then when he heard that she had survived, he was so happy.

I also remember him telling us – only back in Mar of this year – that Regina needed to stop teaching.  He was emotional and apologized but said it was for the best.  Then he looked at us and said we could talk about it for a few minutes while he stepped out of the room.  To this day – and Regina and I talked about this – I truly think he was distraught to the point that he very much wanted to be out of the room for a few minutes.  Regina, of course, was very sad and this was huge for us – being told that she needed to stop teaching and working.  Dr. Mousavi came back in a few minutes later – we thanked him for his recommendation, caught our breath, and began walking down a very different and new path…

I guess when we put our ultimate and complete trust in someone, we are naturally drawn to them – we desire their counsel, wisdom, and care.  Dr. Mousavi was our friend and adviser for many years through many challenging times.  He was an anchor and an island that we would sometimes cling to desperately.  As far as I am concerned, he never let us down once.  

Thank you, sir, and thank you Sherry and staff.  You have been wonderful.  Regina would not have thrived as much as she did these last 15 years had it not been for all of you and your dedication to your professions and to me and Regina.  

You will not be forgotten.

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