Going Back

Jul 24 7:15pm – Today, my doctor engaged me in a long and probing conversation, did some cursory checks, and told me to visit him again in a few months for a full physical. He said I was doing well enough and that he didn’t want to make it harder on me right now. He told me if ANYTHING gets out of sorts in the coming days to immediately let him know. I’ve always liked him. I will go back in a few months.

Going back to work yesterday was, thankfully, not too hard due to the nice people who work there. The work itself is still in chaos and disarray (as when I left – nothing has changed in two months) but good people can outlast the silliness. It was nice to see (most of) them again.

I received very good news from the DOJ retirement office today. I will meet with them again Thurs. I’ll maybe say more later but I think that the initial information is positive and it may lead me down a path very different than what I would have thought several months ago.

All claims that I am aware of have now been filed (with the death certificates) so now I wonder and wait for awhile. I’m glad the major hurdles have been handled, I think. I’m now working on all the new beneficiary documentation – I’m glad to let Zak and Nick carry on for me someday, if needed.

I feel numb this week. Events around me and in the world create a barrage that is hard to see through – heavy fog. I truly am walking by faith in the swirling stirring dark.

I’m thankful for friendship, memories, family, and faith. Without these, I would truly be miserable.

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