No Focus

Jul 21 8:37pm – Today was one of those days – just blah. Hard as I would try, I couldn’t focus on anything. I’m getting a bit anxious about going back to work – it’s been two months. I’m still waiting for death certificates so I can take care of all the business that needs certificates. I’m trying to make a few small future plans but so much is still up in the air.

Yet, there is not a crisis at hand. I’m not in any kind of duress. There really is nothing that is cause for too much concern.

So maybe the point is this – I’m blessed to NOT have any horrible issues at hand and, as I think about it, the low constant rumble of life should probably be something to be thankful for, yes? Maybe this is a time when I simply need to be thankful for what is and for what isn’t.

I can see how a person can easily slip into anguish or depression when alone. This will be hard for awhile. Frankly, and as hard as it was, keeping Regina healthy and happy – while a lot of work – was something that kept me busy almost all of the time. It was my job.

Well, next week will be a new week with all new things to experience for the first time. Yes, it is still pretty raw.

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