Jul 20 11:34am – Regina had been in surgery all morning – since around 7am on Wed Jun 20. The plan was to take her off of her support systems and get her stable and viable on her new heart. Dr. Bond had said there were risks but it was time to get her off of the breathing and heart bypass machines. She was as stable as she could have been up to this point.

About now, Dr. Bond had come out of OR and had talked to all of us – he said “there is some good and some not so good but let’s be optimistic.’ This is all we had to go on and it wasn’t much different than what we had been hearing for several weeks.

We were thinking about some lunch. And I planned to attend a transplant and VAD support group at 12:30pm. We – Zak, Nick, Laurie, Lilly, and me – were tired but were hanging on and, of course, were anxious to hear more about Regina’s condition once she made it back to CVRR from OR.

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