Jul 20 1:51pm – I looked at Zak and Nick and said, “Ready?”  They said yes.

I looked at Dr. Shaw and nodded.  He touched his ‘box’ and in a few seconds the gurgles and beeps and pumping from the machines stopped.  It was quiet.  

We thought it was 1:55pm.  The doctors noted that it was 1:51pm.

A nurse handed me a Kleenex out of her box.

We stood for a few moments.  We touched Regina again.  

We turned to leave.  A nurse opened the curtains.  And then I saw something I will likely never see again.  The entire staff had lined the walk out – on left and right.  They stood with hands crossed and heads slightly bowed.  The CVRR was as quiet as anything I had ever heard.  It was truly now holy ground – sacrosanct ground.  And these wonderful people were honoring me and Regina and our family with their kindness, concern, and dignity in this most memorable way possible.  

I call it Regina’s Honor Guard.

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