Jul 20 1:17pm – At around 1:15pm, a CVRR nurse opened the door to the fourth floor support group meeting room where Zak and I were sitting.  I was seated on the opposite side of the room from the door so I could see the whole event unfold in slow motion.  

The nurse peeped in then opened the door fully.  I could see her and could then see Nick standing behind her.  She motioned and mouthed to the lady from social services that she needed to talk to someone and then she saw me and began motioning to me – with some urgency – to come to the door.  I stood up.  She said, as the group was watching and listening to all of this, “Get your things.”

I stood with Zak and picked up my big blue bag – the bag that I had been carrying for the last two months.  Here it started to get blurry.  I don’t remember walking to the door but I do remember seeing Nick standing outside in the hall with a very concerned look on his face.  We made it to the door and hallway.  I don’t know what happened in the room when and after we left.  

The nurse said that we needed to get downstairs quickly.  Nick said that the doctor had caught him, Laurie, and Bean in the downstairs OR/CVRR hallway when they were coming back from lunch and had started basically dumping on Nick information about the seriousness of Regina’s condition and started telling him all kind of things that Nick didn’t understand or comprehend.  Nick later told me that he told the doctor to just stop talking and that he would go upstairs and get me and bring me down from the support group meeting – then we would all talk.  The doctor said ok and went back into CVRR space to wait for us.

This is when Nick and a nurse had come up to get me and Zak out of the group meeting – with seriousness on their faces and despondency in their voices.  This was something not good and we needed to all get down to the OR/CVRR conference room as soon as possible to meet with Dr. Shaw. The nurse escorted Zak, Nick, and me down the staff elevator to the conference room – where Laurie and Bean waited.

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