July 17 7:43pm – Karen from Rockhill called today.  All excited.  Staff all excited, too.  And what she told me still tempts my emotions and amazes my logic even as I write this and after having found out hours ago and earlier this afternoon.  

Rockhill needed to fill the last kindergarten teaching position for the upcoming school year – four kindergarten classes needed four teachers.  Karen offered the position to Erin earlier – and Karen was as excited as anyone could be about this amazing turn of events.

Erin was very happy to be ‘coming back’ to Rockhill where she attended kindergarten back in 1989-1990.  She was excited to be teaching with Mrs. Zumwalt, her former kindergarten teacher.  (What?)  This is what she told StaffCo Schools HR.  Well, HR didn’t want to tell Erin about Regina during the hiring process.  So, the sharing of the sad news fell on Karen.  And Karen handled it and it all went well, so that was good.

Here is the truly amazing thing.  Regina had taught and cared for a little blonde-headed five year old girl over twenty years ago in Room #34 and now Erin is back to take Regina’s position as kindergarten teacher at Rockhill.  I have a picture of Erin from the yearbook for that year from many years ago.

So many words and emotions come to mind. Legacy. Passion. Example. Reputation. Longevity. Love for children. Dedication. Sadness. Happiness. Hurt. Joy. Love.  Teacher.

I’m so proud of Regina.  She would have absolutely been raving about this happening – being able to work with one of her former students.  What a special something to claim in one’s behalf.  Good for Regina.

I told Karen that – at the right time – I want to meet Erin.  If I can.  Maybe sometime during the next school year.  If I can stay composed.  Poor Erin – she will wonder what all the hubbub is about, won’t she?  And, of course, Erin needs to teach her style and be herself – be true to herself and all of that.  But, needless to say, the length of Regina’s sun rays extends far far far.  Erin, and many others, will bathe in Regina’s rays for many years.

Thanks, Karen, and please call anytime with word like this.  I’m sorry I sounded like a sputtering fool on the phone – that happens a lot to me now.  I was overcome by the news – truly.  Thanks.

Good luck, Erin.  And good luck to the four kindergarten teachers this upcoming school year at Rockhill.  

And, I love you, Regina.  I miss you horribly.

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