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Jul 16 7:55pm – I continue to receive notices from the Philanthropy Office at WHC.  ”Washington Hospital Center gratefully acknowledges tributes in memory of Regina K. Zumwalt from…”  Thank you to so many of you who are helping the professionals at WHC give one more chance to those who suffer from end-stage heart defects and disease by enabling the doctors, nurses, and staff to courageously offer the ultimate in cardiac care – heart transplant.  Not only is transplantation a physical journey – it is also an emotional and personal journey for the patient and their family and friends.  WHC not only cares for the patient but also for the family, to which I can attest.  I appreciated so much what they did for Regina but also what they did for me and my family.

About 2,500 heart transplants are performed every year in the U.S. at 120 medical institutions.  WHC’s transplantation program ranks among the top five percent in the nation for patient outcomes and consistently exceeds the national average.

From the Philanthropy Office to me – “Please accept these expressions of sympathy and know that we will use these gifts to help provide quality care to our patients.”

If you haven’t already done so, please consider donating – in Regina’s name – to WHC.  Thank you, again. 

Washington Hospital Center Foundation
Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant
110 Irving Street, NW
East Building, Suite 1001
Washington, DC  20010

And on a final but no less important note this evening, granddaughter Arwen was observing the sites at Mt. Rushmore a few days ago with her mom, dad, and brothers.  Kathy tells that the family were all outside when suddenly a gust of wind came up and noticeably pushed little Arwen around a bit.  Arwen, as she raised her arms in the air, shouted, “Tutu!”  

No doubt the two exchanged a moment of love.

I hope Regina will keep talking to Arwen for a long time.

Life’s current is picking up again.  I can’t slow it down.  I only ask that you take the time to tell those around you that you love them – and really mean it.  But more than just words – show them in deed, too.  Instead of anger due to what you don’t have, consider what you can do for the other.  

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