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Jul 15 9:08pm – I hope you don’t mind, Jana.  Thank you very much.  Your letter is very special to me.  Yes, our days together – the three of us – were special.  Probably some of the best ever.  It seems only like yesterday, doesn’t it?

“When I remember Regina, I think of her laugh and her beautiful singing voice.  I can’t listen to 70’s music without hearing her singing those songs while ‘riding around’ Sikeston in her yellow car.  We would drive around McDonald’s.  We would occ. get food – Regina would order a cheeseburger w/ ketchup only.  (She didn’t like Burger King because she didn’t like ‘salad’ on her burger.)  We would laugh and talk and dream of leaving Sikeston.”

“We had sad times, too.  We lost a church friend when we were 13.  Regina’s mom passed away when we were only 16 – that was so difficult.  I didn’t know how to help her.  The older women at church told me just to be her friend and listen.  That was what I did.”

“One of my sisters recalled the summer she and Regina had a contest to see who could get the ‘darkest’ – days of baby oil and iodine.”

“They both recalled her always laughing and singing – and that beautiful hair!”

“After graduation, we were excited and a little scared about the future.  We both interviewed for Sikeston Public Schools.  Then came the CALL.  They needed teachers at Palmetto Christian School.  Mr. Eason drove us to Atlanta and we flew to Charleston [SC].  We looked around at the school, the church, the area, apartments.  We had a huge decision to make.  Our families were not gung-ho on the idea – esp. Regina’s dad.  It was either both of us or neither of us.  Thanks be to God, we made the right decision.  And the rest is history…”

“I was there and do remember how your love story began.  I spent countless nights listening to her talk about you.  She loved you so much.  I remember watching her write all those letters so you would have one to open every day at sea – and helping her find different stationary.  What an act of love.  I remember her marking off the days until you returned.  I could go on and on…”

“I talked with Regina on Sunday, June 10, 2012.  I expressed to her how thankful I was for the decision to go to Charleston.  I told her that I have had a wonderful life and she said the same.  Then, in true Regina fashion, she laughed and said, ‘I about had to drag you to there!’  She was always the more adventuresome.  We have both over the years thought about the role we played in each other’s lives.  What a wonderful conversation we had.  I was so impressed with her strength and optimism.  I felt so happy after talking with her.”

“I feel very blessed to have known and loved Regina – and counted her as a friend.  I look forward to seeing her again one day.”

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