Jul 11 2:15pm – They are just words and even though I’ve researched them, they still seem vague. ‘Complications of ischemic cardiomyopathy and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease’. I received the call from Teresa at Mullins around 10am. I went by at 11am and picked up the document. Actually, eight of them. Registered duplicates and all on official pinkish ‘Certification of Vital Record’ embossed crinkly paper. From the ‘Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health’. A ‘Certificate of Death’. There it is. Black and white in formal governmental language. ‘Certificate of Death’. Uh-oh! Who is this? ‘Regina Ray Zumwalt’. Oh no. Now what? In most circumstances, this would almost be hilarious. Even as I write, I can only shake my head. No anger or even frustration – just empty. People are working on it now. Wonder what the fix will be?

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