In Stafford

Jul 6 11:31am – As I was getting ready to leave this morning, I received word from Mullins-Thompson that Regina is now in Virginia at the Mullins facility here in Stafford.  She is finally out of DC.  I am so happy about this.  The cremation will take place this afternoon (Fri) or first thing Sat morning, to which I gave the final authorization a moment ago.  I plan to pick up Regina probably next Tues.  I don’t know why this has been so hard.  Nick has suggested that perhaps Regina was loaded with so much non-standard physiological and cardiac information that the research simply took a long time to figure out and catalog.  Future heart specialists will be intrigued with this most interesting of cases.  It is something they need to know.  She gave her all even when it was seemingly all over.  Sure, I am ok with this.  Anyway, Regina is now out of the hustle-bustle of DC and back home – almost.  I will be very happy – with ‘happy tears’ – to bring her home next week.  

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