Happy Tears

Jul 1 8:35am – It is very quiet in the house this morning. It’s Sun morning and normally – in preparation to attend Sun Bible classes and assembly – there would be lots of scurrying about. But this morning, it’s very quiet. Yesterday’s most excellent remembrance celebration service filled me with warmth and much comfort. After my initial and internal moments of twisted pain, I actually found the words and music and photos a salve for the soul. Really. I wasn’t sure how I would react. I know Regina and I had always talked about not wanting to have traditional funerals when it was time. We had attended so many in the past that were downright morbid and, frankly, almost gruesome. I can think of one very traditional funeral we attended for a very kind and loving young man and father. He had passed way to early in his life – it was tragic. But he had been an outstanding and upstanding friend and associate. Well, anyway, the funeral focused on death, loss, grieving, suffering, and the such. The one hour, I recall, was mentally and even physically draining. One lady mid-service even got up – wailing in tears – and flung herself on the open casket. Oh my! I truly hope – honestly – that the families were able to find comfort and peace in all of that. But for me, all I can remember now about this otherwise very nice young man was his abrupt and shocking funeral. I want to believe that when family and friends think about Regina, they will remember her happy attitude on life but also the beautiful – no – the magnificently spectacular celebration we were privileged to be participants of in her remembrance. I don’t know if there are many things better in times of stress than ‘happy tears’, and I shed them yesterday and am now shedding them as I write. I hurt bad but I also truly and honestly celebrate the life and final courageous win Regina now holds over death and suffering. Yes, ‘happy tears’ for all – and that is what yesterday was about. And I say again, she would have loved the party. A lot. And so now, in the quietness of this house – our home – I will get ready for another day. It won’t be the same but I will keep living and loving. And you can, too. Love your babies and spouses and friends, but also make the world a better place by loving your enemies and taking them the extra mile. It’s what we need to do for each other as we wait out life.

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