Not With Us

Jun 29 12:32pm – Unfortunately, Regina will not be with us tomorrow.  The complications of autopsy, government, regulations, signatures, permissions, cremation, and transport are seemingly just too much for mere mortals to deal with in ten days.  I am somewhat disappointed that she will not be with us tomorrow.  We are happy to go ahead and celebrate her life, however, and we will do it in fine fashion, of course.  But, she always did like a good party.  

Ten Observations from Ten Days:

1.  Life stays complicated after a loss – no letting up.  The demons keep attacking.

2.  There is nothing completely appropriate and utterly comforting to say in times like these.

3.  The future only extends out about three days – beyond that, it is murky.

4.  Grief brings slow healing.

5.  God provides.

6.  Busy is just busy – it does not heal.

7.  Resting may bring the most comfort of all.

8.  It seems the more people and noise, the greater the loneliness.

9.  Accepting support and assistance is hard.

10.  Memories are valuable like diamonds.    

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