Keeps Ticking

Jun 25 12:33pm – Nurse came by to pick up the two Tates and the bio-box. Made my final leave request from work – will try to go back on Mon Jul 16. DOJ has been very supportive the past few months. Thanks. Canceling some favorite accounts that Regina loved to use – especially to get things for all the kids. Amazon will miss her. Actually working on a shopping list. Think I’m going to try the crock pot route for awhile. Soup and sandwich lunch. Zak is in PHX on flights right now on way back to PDX. Then he will turn around and come back with his family. Lots of travel. The Tattoo Brothers just helped on the yard – funny guys. The Dachshund Brothers helped me do the trash – funny guys. The sky is turning dark with a rainy smell. Could be a Virginia Blow this afternoon or evening. Friends coming over for dinner – that will be nice. Assembled the plants and gave them some much needed water. I think I heard them whisper “thanks”. I checked another email account and found many kind and meaningful notes of condolence. That was nice. Mullins called and said Regina is still in DC with the autopsy either this afternoon or tomorrow. Then she will take her last trip down I95 back home to Virginia. And the point is – life keeps happening and time keeps ticking. It’s all a miracle.

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