Day After

Jun 21 10:45am – Thank you for the overwhelming show of concern and love in the past day.  I’m sorry we can’t respond to everyone but I know you understand.  Firm plans have not yet been made – we are working on that and will know more on Fri or Sat.  In the meantime, and due to other circumstances, we are thinking that we will probably all be able to get together to celebrate Regina’s life sometime next week between Wed and Sat at the North Stafford Church of Christ here in Stafford.  Regina will be cremated.  I gave permission to WHC to perform an autopsy and to – if possible – let her help others in need or to advance education in health maintenance and services.  I hope she can help in any way possible.  She would be happy about that.  We are grieving but we are also appreciating the benefit of having many pictures of her (we will show some of them to you), many excellent memories, and much faith that she is now relieved of pain, hurt, worry, and suffering.  I am so happy about that.  Pray for us and with us and make sure that you show love to those around you as often and as sincerely as you can – then give God the thanks for the amazing blessing of love and life.    

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