Out of Surgery

Jun 20 11:52am – R is out of OR and is being settled in CVRR. As best we can tell, she was in OR maybe three hours. Dr. Bond just left us. Three concerns: 1. Brain function – Will it exist when she wakes up? 2. Right ventricle – It is weak and will have to significantly pick up the load. It will have to work much harder in R than in the person it came from, it seems. This takes time. R is now on an RVAD. 3. Infection – R shows no signs of infection at this time but is exhibiting some tell-tale signs of possible infection. The drugs she is on may be masking the infection. All said, these are the three concerns Dr. Bond has with R right now. Now that she is closed, it’s time for her to wake up. It might take several days for this to happen but until she wakes and starts responding, there isn’t much that can be done to test her brain. Dr. Bond says her blood pressure is holding, her pulse dropped back into the 90s (though it continues to fluctuate up and down), and her lungs are functioning on their own now. Dr. Bond thinks that until she wakes, it is best for family and friends to rest and prepare for when she does wake up – “today or even as far out as sometime during the weekend”, he says. Dr. Bond says he understands the emotional roller-coaster we are on. He admitted he and his team are also emotionally drained and want to see this finished. I plan to go to the transplant support group upstairs in a few minutes. We will see R before we go home today – we just don’t know when.

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