Not Ready

Jun 19 9:49am – Well, doctors are not taking R into OR today (Tues).  She isn’t ready, they say.  Still attempting to get fluid off, get her heart beat stable.  I don’t know.  They seem just ever so slightly frustrated.  Dr. Bond, Laura says, plans to call me this morning.  We will probably go on up to visit to say hi for a few minutes but perhaps get back before rush hour this evening.  Ady called and said that the good news is – God has the plan.  We just need to let it play out.  Yes, easier said than done but Ady is right – we just need to let it play out.  Peace and patience all around.  And yes, I have a brand new tooth.  Feels good.  Will have to try it out in a bit – doctor said to give it an hour or so.    

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