Tomorrow is the Day

Jun 19 7:07pm – Dr. Bond is planning to go ahead with OR tomorrow (Wed) at 7:30am to remove the ECMO.  I gave consent and authorization to proceed.  He says the high heart beat rate won’t stop him from proceeding.  He says his experience has been that transplanted hearts run faster.  (I’m not sure about jumping from 90 to 160 in one evening but he is the surgeon…)  He didn’t discuss ‘options’ as he said he would.  He seems to remain generally positive and said ‘we need to close her’.  Kara, the social worker, came in for a good talk.  She would very much want us at the support group meeting on Wed in the early afternoon.  If we aren’t in some kind of crisis mode, I would like to attend.  Hope so.  She is supportive and asked, again, if there is anything she (and her cohorts) can do for us.  She did offer some discount coupons on the food in the cafeteria, if she can find them, and recommends the sushi bar in the cafeteria.  She offered to send up a chaplain so Zak and I agreed to meet maybe on Wed with one.  We are interested in his/her style and approach.  She said it may be Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant but they “do it all”.  Fine by us.  Kara, she revealed, is Jewish and she said she appreciates the support that is around R and said that it is ‘very important’, especially during these long and arduous times of waiting.  She and her husband were married by a Jewish rabbi military chaplain at USN Annapolis years ago.  She said that the rabbis at the local synagogues in Annapolis wouldn’t marry them because some of their families were not Jewish enough and that they would only do marrying on certain days of the week.  But the Navy chaplain said to them, “We will make it all work.”  She remembered her experience with the Navy rabbi and likes that Zak is pursuing his chaplaincy.  Nice lady and a very supportive lady.  She said she will send up her “friend” hospital chaplain.  I believe she said the hospital chaplain she will send up to us is female.  With R’s surgery scheduled for 7:30am tomorrow morning, we plan to leave around 9:30 (to avoid traffic – it took 2.5 hours to get home tonight) and hopefully get there by 10:30 or 11.  Dr. Bond said he will call if we are not in the OR waiting area.  Otherwise, he will talk with us up there.  Odds are – if things proceed as scheduled (Laura says there is normal time and “medical time”) – some determinations will have been made in behalf of R by the time we head up and/or arrive.  Hope they are good.  Ady called from Bucharest – where he is picking up this summer’s two-week team of ‘Let’s Start Talking’ members – and told again that he is hurting for us and praying for us.  Likewise, we need to keep Ady and Luma in our prayers.  Grandma continues to hang on and suffer.  Very sad.  Prayers all around and for everyone for peace, understanding, and healing.

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