Jun 19 1:45pm – Here with R and have been since maybe 11am. She is asleep. They’ve reduced her sedative hoping she would wake up today some but she doesn’t seem to want to wake up. Her heart beat is running at about 160 – much higher than yesterday and too high for the OR. Only theories now on on why the rate has gone up. She is getting rid of fluids without the SCUF and without diuretics. Doctors stopped the epinephrine thinking maybe that caused the racing. So far, the rate remains very high, however. She does continue to pee and had a good BM earlier so that is all good. Dr. Bond says the OR is scheduled for 7:30am on Wed. He is in surgery now but wants to talk later today – in person or by phone – about ‘options’. A trauma doctor was here an hour ago and again raised the concern being held that until anyone sees any kind of activity, it can’t be ruled out that there is brain damage. This is difficult, of course, but I appreciate their frankness. Her legs look very good, according to doctors. The leg that was opened up last week is doing well and healing well. The staff that we are sitting with – the perfusionist and the RN – are kind and caring people. Bridgette was up a bit ago to make sure we were sleeping at night ok and doing ok. There is the heart failure support group that meets on Wed at 2:30pm here – we were invited again. I would like to go, if possible. R was cleaned up last night. Now sporting a pigtail on top of her head. I sit by her and the ventilator – holding R’s hand. It’s hazy and warm outside today. Life goes on…

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