Jun 18 9:03am – R slept through the night.  She is now dropping fluid – with the help of SCUF.  SCUF assists with the reduction of fluid but, apparently, does it slowly so this might take a little while.  Laura was pleased with what SCUF was doing and had been doing through the night.  Dr. Bond made it by early and was pleased with progress but no decision yet on closing or not today.  He said he will be by later for another look – don’t know when.  Laura said the orders do not mention any further surgery today so she thinks this is something that will be decided as time goes on and, of course, depends much on R’s progress through the day.  We plan to go up late morning or early afternoon for a visit and to be there if there is more surgery but, at this point, not sure about much of anything schedule related.  I finally get my new tooth tomorrow afternoon – after about 14 months for surgeries, new bone, titanium screws, and all kinds of interesting oral surgery.  I’m kind of excited – no more biting down on nothing.  Anyway, I plan to be at the dentist on Tues afternoon so not quite sure about visits to WHC on Tues.  Maybe after I get my tooth I will go up so I can show it to R?    

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