Father’s Day

Jun 17 8:20am – Bethany tells that not much has changed with R through the night.  R still isn’t peeing perhaps as much as doctors would like but doctors haven’t made their rounds yet this morning so hard to tell if they will decide to make her pee more or not with additional medications.  Bethany says that R is still on lots of meds this morning.  I plan to assembly with church family this morning then head back up to WHC for an hour or two to see R – a weekend visit, I guess.  Tomorrow will begin lots of activity, possibly, so the long waits and anticipation will begin again in the OR/CVRR/ICU waiting areas.  I don’t relish this but I would rather be at WHC close to R than not being there if not for any other reason than to be there to make decisions for her when doctors need decisions.  Happy Father’s Day to my dad in Colorado and I hope that my sons and daughters are just a tiny bit better off today because of me somehow someway  – I can hope.  I feel tiredly rested but I’m ready to get this going again.  Prayers for strength and peace and, of course, healing.  I’m glad I have not and will not be bearing this alone – God is good. 

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