Jun 16 6:55pm – R has moved and is now in new digs – 4G instead of CVRR. Natalie will be leaving in a few minutes. Natalie said that R’s peeing slowed down a bit and Dr. Bond desires that R be aggressively medicated to keep the pee moving so Lasix has been added on top of what R is already being given to keep the pee coming. Dr. Bond said he very much wants to close on Mon and, therefore, needs to keep R on a pee schedule through the weekend. Other than the peeing issue, R is in stasis and continues to rest and heal. Jessica also called today to give an update on R and to check on me and to ask how things are going. Staff is awesome! Ady called and the church in RO is having a special prayer session for R on Sun (tomorrow). Isn’t that nice and special? Thanks, Ady and dear people in Constanta. That means a lot and is so kind. (Prayers and thoughts for Ady and Luma and their family, too, in that Grandma is not doing well at all, either. Ady and Luma are bearing this day by day.) Zak and I did a bit of yard work this morning (such a perfect Jun day here in VA) and did a few chores around the house and ran out for a few things (and to see Nick at BB). I took a nap – ended up a three hour hibernation but that felt good. More tonight, I think. Zak is with B/R this evening – buds from Hawaii days so that is nice, too. (“Hi, B/R. It’s not that I don’t like you – I’m just kind of wiped out. Hope you are ok.”) A pleasant day and R would have liked it but I’m glad she is resting and relaxed and, I think, healing. I hope and pray that this is the case.

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