Jun 15 8pm – R is safely back on ECMO bypass and stable. Dr. Bond just came out and still believes R’s brain and organs and heart are ok but won’t know for some time. This weekend the main goal is to remove fluid. That and keeping her stable. She may or may not move – that will be determined Sat morning. Dr. Bond said ‘Happy Father’s Day and now all of you go home for the weekend. Next week may be hard.’ He isn’t concerned about R still being open, being on ECMO (longest is ten days), or staying asleep. He believes the excessive fluid is the problem. He said if she hadn’t had the coagulation issue several days ago, she might be in physical rehab right now. But that did not happen. The OR this evening was fast and clean, and no bleeding issues. So, we are in the parking garage going home. We do NOT plan to be at the hospital on Sat but, of course, I will be in touch with CVRR/ICU every few hours. If something happens on Sat, we will come up. Otherwise, Sat is a mental day. Prayers all around. And go hug your special ones.

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