Jun 15 10:48pm – We just got home after a 2 1/2 hour drive home.  Do NOT come out here if you do not like traffic on interstates.  Brutal.  Anyway…  As of a few minutes ago, Natalie tells that R is stable on her bypass machine.  R continues to receive a significant amount of blood products to stabilize her system and, also, meds to regulate her blood pressure – which still seems to fluctuate.  Otherwise, she is asleep and being supported fully by machine.  The strategy is still, Natalie says, to offload fluids as much as possible over the weekend.  Still no word on moving to ICU – that will be decided tomorrow.  (This is not a big deal.  Same nurses will take care of her.  The only thing is that she is in a different place in the hospital.  Usually, if there are few patients in the CVRR during a weekend and there are beds in the ICU over the weekend, the few CVRR patients will be moved up to ICU.  The advantage of CVRR is that it is one door away from OR.  Otherwise, no difference in capability.)  Came home and found a Fedex box from Amazon for Regina on the porch.  Guess she did some shopping on the day before we went up last Mon.  Who would have known what was about to happen?  I will let her open it when she can.  Thanks for the yummy granola bars on the porch, you four!  And thanks for the emails, messages, cards of encouragement and hope.  We will sleep tonight and tomorrow some, run some errands, do some laundry, generally take care of a few things that haven’t been taken care of.  Zak is with me.  Nick and Bean were with us all afternoon (Dr. Bond just LUVS Bean!) and evening.  And I know all of you were and are with us in spirit and thought.  Please go about your lives as best you can and enjoy the time (Happy Graduation Day, graduates and parents) you have with loved ones.  Life is special and should be enjoyed.  Thank God for the blessing of life and loved ones.  

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