Heart Not Working

Jun 15 6:18pm – R’s heart is not working. She is going back to OR around 6:30pm. Dr. Bond is coming back from his commute (just found out he is here and is scrubbing). The ECMO will be reinstalled. At this point, the doctors are very concerned. R is no longer responding to meds. Concern about organ damage is again being voiced. Doctors, again, said she is very critical right now. Concern, also, that her new heart may have been damaged earlier this week – ‘cardiac arrest’ was stated this evening. So…prayers for Dr. Bond and his staff in OR for the next few hours. This is truly getting harder and harder but thanksgiving that R is not experiencing this and that we have the best surgeons in the world working with and for us. Prayers for healing, of course, and prayers for stamina, sustenance, and patience. We are confident that God’s hand is all over this – we just need to hang with him for as long as is needed.

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