Planning for Physical Rehab

Jun 15 5pm – R came out of OR around 1pm. The ECMO device (bypass) is out and she is ticking on her own. Her heartbeat is – Dr. Bond says- strong and reliable. She has not been closed yet – Dr. Bond says probably next Mon after the swelling goes down. We saw her a minute ago and she looks better (lot less machines, for sure) but still significantly large and bloated.  Dr. Bond removed the ECMO but also opened and cleaned her groin wound – he said it looks good and is now only seeping. It still isn’t known where she will be this weekend – CVRR or ICU.  Dr. Bond said the decision will be made later today on where she spends the weekend. It would seem they are attempting to stabilize her for the weekend. Dr. Bond said that today – so far – is a day of good news. We are in the OR waiting area. It’s very different today than other days of the week. Only a few families are here. It’s quiet and actually somewhat comfortable. If nothing happens this afternoon, we will hang around until after Fri rush hour is over then head home. R is at peace and doing ok. We are ok – tired and beat – but we are ok. (Zak, Nick, Bean are here and thanks to some very special visitors for coming by.) Talked with Tara – one of our social workers. Some good insight and support. You’re awesome. Thanks for assisting on our conspiracy, too. Talked to Jessica who confirmed most of what we knew. She is pleased with our progress and is beginning the planning for next phases – physical rehab, meds, home support. We will get dinner in a bit with Bean. 

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