Legs Working

Jun 15 10:30am – R remains in OR.  Again, plan is to remove the bypass equipment and close her chest. In the OR, the equipment will be removed and then doctors will wait and see if her new heart can pick up the load before they close.  Probably a bit of anticipation and excitement as the bypass is removed.  Would be something to see, I suppose.  Natalie just said R’s groin bleeding did stop last night – it now only is oozing a bit but it seems ok.  Nurses can also now pick up Doppler Pulse (http://goo.gl/OA4yH) in both legs easily following the leg surgeries last evening – a few days ago nurses let me listen to R’s Doppler Pulse in one leg (strong and distinct) and showed that in the other the pulse was very faint.  It’s like listening to a slight whoosh whoosh out of a speaker.  Anyway, the pulse is even now in both legs.  R will be glad about this – she has had leg problems for many years.  Also, some color is coming back into her legs – that will also make R happy.  She will be in the OR at least another hour – assuming things go ok.  

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