Serious Condition

Jun 14 11:30pm – R came out of OR around 10pm (fourth visit, if I haven’t lost count).  Doctor said that an artery in her left leg was 70% closed and was restricting blood flow to the rest of her leg.  He did not mention any serious clotting issues.  A small part of her artery was taken out and replaced with a permanent plastic tube. (More to add to her Wonder Woman hardware inventory!)  Once the artery opened up with the tube, blood did flow to her leg muscles – which began to expand (as expected).  To prevent further issues, small incisions were made in her calf area around her muscles to let the muscles expand.  The incisions will heal and go away at some point.  Doctors said it appeared her muscles in both legs were all ok – they hadn’t been blood starved (which would have brought up other serious issues).  While her heart and chest seem to be ok with blood clotting, her groin area now is bleeding pretty bad – same symptoms a few days ago in her chest area.  Doctors are simply going to wait the groin area out and are confident it will also start clotting up.  As of a few minutes ago, she is still bleeding pretty bad around where the wound/new tube is in her groin so nurses are taking care of the bleeding wound.  Earlier today, the intent was to begin off-loading fluid from her legs (edema) but with the leg surgery, the treatment for edema was suspended.  There is still, as of tonight, the plan to close her chest tomorrow but this is up in the air right now (according to the night nurse) because of the fluid still in her legs.  Tomorrow a lot of decisions will be made over what to do with her and where to park her during the weekend.  Nurse said R is as stable tonight as anyone can be in her condition.  Nurse reminded me that R is still in very serious condition and that anything that can or will be done will be done in very small baby steps through the night and tomorrow.  By the way (if you didn’t already know), today – Jun 14 – is World Blood Donor Day.  See  And thanks to the many who donated blood and plasma for R – she has literally been kept alive because of you and your donation.

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