Life Over Limb

Jun 14 5:38pm – R is going back to OR this evening due to blood flow complications in her legs – especially in her left leg. Dr. Bond told the vascular surgeons that R is strong enough for another OR visit.  It is possible there are clots that are preventing blood flow to leg muscles. In the OR, the surgeon will look for and attempt to move any clots he might find. Also, provision will be made for temporarily expanding muscles (by cutting small slits in her legs) so they don’t constrict themselves the first time blood hits them – assuming there are clots. These clots likely came from the massive amounts of blood product she was given that could not fully clot – only partially – thus resulting in random free-floaters. Always a risk. R also has had a history of poor leg circulation over the years due to a poor heart. Surgeons say this could all take much of the evening – looking and checking and taking action on both legs. So, yet another hill to climb. I signed for the procedures and agreed to a ‘life over limb’ approach should anything be drastically wrong in her legs. In the meantime, her heart is functioning well with minimal bleeding. Jessica tells that still the likely plan is to remove the bypass equipment on Fri and close the chest. Right now, she says, R is stable enough for the closing. It’s likely that R will be moved to cardiac ICU after the closing – the CVRR is usually closed down on weekends. Jessica assures me that R is doing well for her condition but is still “very sick” and still has a long way to go.  Oh, and I checked the mail before coming up today. We have received a letter from WHC telling us that R is now officially on the heart transplant list!

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