Let Her Rest and Heal

Jun 14 11am – Her nurse tells that R had an excellent night and R’s bleeding is now what would be considered normal for the condition that she is in. The excessive bleeding is now past.  Or so it would seem.  Also, meds are being cut back significantly – especially for her blood pressure maintenance.  The plan is to keep her asleep today – “let her rest and heal” is what was said.  Today, the effort will be to get as much fluid off of her as can be done.  This is, of course, all good news.  Perhaps we are slowly pulling out of the depths – at least for this part of the journey.  Yesterday, Dr. Bond said that his people did and will be working as hard as they can to keep R in good shape.  He also said – and this is so cool – “and prayers can help, too.”  Yes.  Maybe we can all rest today just a little bit.

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