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Jun 13 4:15pm – R is heading back in to OR again. Nurses said this is not a ‘crisis’ – it is a means to keep her clean inside her chest cavity and let doctors make sure things are ok. She will be back in CVRR from OR in about an hour. She is still bleeding quite profusely internally. The sense is that this is blood from internal ‘weeping’ and mostly has to do with a lack of sufficient clotting agents. She did wake up ever so slightly and was able to hear and respond to basic requests like wiggle toes, move fingers, open eyelids. She was quickly sedated again. This is good news. The nurses honored me with a strip of heart beats from R’s heart monitor. It’s so special to me and will be to her. It is a strip of beautifully placed, shaped, consistently repetitive, and strong heart beats. I plan to frame it. What a gorgeous thing – as beautiful as an ocean sunset or snowy mountain range. Zak arrived. Zak, Nick, Laurie, and Bean are here with me – down in the underground OR waiting area. (I’m outside right now where I can get some phone coverage.) And a special thanks to those who made it possible to get Zak here – you are special and I’m grateful. Arrangements were made by you to get Zak all the way from PDX to the OR waiting room – a wonderful gift. You will never know…  We are well. Bean entertains. We talk read snack. We get perhaps updates every 90 min – another awesome staff are taking care of R in the CVRR. 

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