Exceptionally Intense Case

Jun  13  12:15am – Just got home.  R is now completely on heart bypass and lung bypass.  The theory is that the new heart, while seeming to work very well, is somewhat shocking other organs in her body that are not used to the powerful and reliable flow of heart-pumped blood.  Kind of ironic.  This being the case, several organs seem to be bleeding.  After a return visit to the OR where nothing too much out of the ordinary was found, it is believe that perhaps the strategy is to stabilize R and let her body get used to the efficiency of the new heart.  By bypassing the heart (actually, running in parallel) and lungs with bypass machines, the flow and force of pumped blood can somewhat be controlled.  R is currently in, and will be for as long as needed, the Cardiovascular Recover Room (CVRR).  Besides the bypass machines, she is on about ten IV drips and has three nurses and a doctor tending to her 24×7.  This is exceptionally intense care.  R is under complete sedation and will be kept there for the foreseeable future.  This has been an extremely long day – it began over 24 hours ago with the ‘call’.  Since then, R has had her transplant and I have been waiting waiting waiting.  Staff has been more than gracious with news – when it was available.  They do not cut corners – they tell it frankly and to the point.  This being the case, today has been hard.  Right now, they will tell you that R is “very, very sick”.  And a special shout out to Nick and Laurie – who braved the highways and sat with me all all all day until very late at night.  And to the other intrepid travelers who also came up and sat and talked and listened and partnered in this journey.  From the depths of my heart, you don’t know how special this is to me.  I appreciate your understanding and love more than you will ever know.  I absolutely do NOT feel alone in this journey.  Also, just received word that Zak is likely on a plane right now from PDX winging his way to be with us sometime this morning (Wed).  Thanks, little buddy.  There is a long way ahead.  R has much healing to do and much care will have to be given in the coming days especially but in the coming weeks, months, and years.  

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