Jun 12 – It is now 8am on Tues. Last night at 10:35pm, we received a call from Jessica on the Heart Failure staff. She said, “We have a heart for you. Can you come up?”. Fifteen minutes later we left for WHC. We arrived here at WHC at 12am. We were immediately admitted to a room on 4D, the heart failure section at WHC. 4D is where we have been the last month and where we checked out from last Fri – three days ago. Immediately, nurses flocked in and started IVs of milrinone, vitamin K, a bit of Benadryl, and more diuretic. Around 2:45am, we were told the donor heart appeared to be viable and that the donor was on life support until the heart was needed. More chest X-rays were performed. At 5am, fresh frozen plasma (FFP – look it up!) was started. After a few hiccups and an allergy scare, things settled down sufficiently to administer a large dose (four bags) of FFP. (By the way, thanks to blood donors for R’s FFP.) By 6:30, R was doing fine. In the meantime, and from about 5am on, two doctors and numerous nurses hovered all around constantly checking vitals (possible reaction to FFP) and administering last minute meds and final paperwork. R took her first anti-rejection meds this morning – these will be taken the rest of her life. Around 6:30, the surgeon came in and congratulated us and then squatted down on the floor below R and asked if she was ready and told us that he and the staff would make this work out and that we would be fine. He shook our hands and said he would see R in the OR in a few minutes. R was picked up around 7:15. We arrived at and R went in to the OR at 7:30. She will be in there for four to six hours.

R made a lot of friends on 4D in the past month. All morning (this is no kidding) nurses and resource personnel and techs stuck their head in the room and wished her good luck. Some said they had been praying for her. Several hugged her. As she was being moved to the OR, we got in a bed traffic jam in front of the 4D nurse station. Amazingly, nurses swarmed around her and told her congratulations and good luck and ‘see you in a few days’. These staff people are special here. If things go as anticipated, R will be in surgery most of the morning. She then transfers to a cardiac care unit for several days. She then transfers to a cardiac ICU. And finally, she makes it back to good old 4D.

So now I wait…

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