Hopefully Going Home

Jun 7 – Dr. Ninja says that R is going home on Fri!  He is the top guy so guess that is that.  Lots of activity today.  We met Dr. Boyce – the actual transplant surgeon who gave the thumbs-up on R’s actual internal surgery and being able to perform the surgey.  He visited with us for a few minutes.  He said, “I am nothing more than a plumber who swaps out parts.  What really has us stumped is autoimmunity. Science just doesn’t know enough yet about autoimmunity.  We will do what we can to make your body accept a new heart.  In the meantime, I will put in your new heart for you.”  Now that is being open and forthright, isn’t it?  I liked it.  He seems a very strong and powerful person – but an humble and understanding person, too.  He patted R on the way out and said he would see her “next time – when we are ready to do this thing.”  Good.  We will get trained sometime on Fri on her new infuser.  Also, we will get a boatload of scripts for her new medications.  We are now loaded with phone numbers (that we programmed into our iPhones) from which we might get “the call” when it is time.  We are told we may have a nurse visit us at home every day for the next four or five days until we are comfortable with what we need to be doing and, also, to make sure that R adapts to home life again.  We really got the impression from several doctors today that they want us to get home and get some rest and recuperation in order to be ready for the transplant – which, the paperwork says, might be only “days or weeks” away.  Hopefully, we can have some peace and comfort at home and get all ready for this amazing event that might pop up in our future.  Not sure when we will leave WHC on Fri – that is up in the air.  As before, we will be available for when we can get moving on Fri.  It will be good to be home for awhile – but we are sobered by what comes next.  We talked long and hard today on what it will take, how we need to keep focus and perspective, and how we need to act on our faith for our sake and the sake of so many others who watch us, depend on us, and upon whom we depend.  We ask for healing and peace, of course, but we also ask for peace and resolution for Zak and Kathy and Nick and Laurie.  We all have our challenges – some perhaps a bit more dramatic than others – but it is all relative and each day has its own unique challenges for each of us.  We want to be positive and  grateful for where God has led us so far but we also know that so many others are also walking difficult uphill paths.  May we all support and care for each other in our journeys.

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