Mr. Goodbar

Jun 6 – The powerful meds taken by R to get fluid off-loaded REALLY fast kicked in last night and today.  She lost five pounds in one day.  Too fast, actually.  Her kidney is hurting a bit now.  Super-charged!  And also her blood pressure dropped pretty low.  So, the dosage has been significantly reduced as of this afternoon.  Doctors say no damage done and they are glad that she was able to off-load so much.  They are hopeful that things will level out Thurs.  Reducing the dosage of diuretic and letting R drink a bit more seems to have stabilized things nicely.  Dr. Ninja says that he hopes he can send her home on Fri.  We will see.  As much as we want to be at home, we really don’t want to go home if things are not stable and manageable.  We’ve spent too many years worrying at home and too many nights at the ER getting doses of K, Fe, or Mg.  But, we are hopeful.  If tomorrow is a good day then there is a chance that Fri will be the day.  Of course, they can also discharge through the weekend, too, so we will see.  Anyway, R is mostly doing fine, loves the roast beef and turkey they serve every night, likes mail and email, likes to talk on the phone when she isn’t napping or sleeping, watches movies, and gets up and walks around.  We are glad things are working out but – this is really hard.  I can’t begin to imagine what goes through R’s head every day – some things up and some things down.  She truly lives one day at a time – and will continue to do this for possibly weeks and months out.  She feels pain, she gets lonely, she has been tied down now for almost a month.  I hurt less for her physical pain and much more for her mental and spiritual turmoil.  You get the idea.  No one should have to go through what she has gone through the last 15 years.  But, we get along and enjoy the small pleasures (Mr. Goodbar is especially welcome in her room), we talk about God and what next, and we sustain ourselves with memories, hopes, silliness (we tricked a nurse this evening – and it was awesome – until R couldn’t take it any more and blurted out what we had done), and just quiet times.  Your prayers are most appreciated for peace and understanding.  Thanks.

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