Jun 2 – What a comfortable and pleasant day here in Wash DC. The violent storms that we had last evening seem to have ridded us of heat and humidity for a few days. Good! R is fine. Dripped large amounts of potassium earlier today for over four hours to get her to her ‘optimum’ level with the diuretics that she is on. Doctors hope this will stabilize her K even as they are leveling her diuretics. She also just finished one hour of iron drip. It was red and just almost slurpy looking – took a few minutes to get the IV pump running with it. Interesting stuff. Has to be dripped within several hours of its manufacture else it will lose its efficacy. She is now on a ‘five day Fe regimen’. News to us. If this is the case then we will not be going home before next Wed or Thurs. A bit disappointing but we’ve had our hopes up a few times in the past – this just all seems pretty complicated and we try to stay positive. So…we will wait longer (somewhat impatiently). R’s school chums had planned a retirement soirée this coming Thurs evening – that is a bit up in the air now. But we will see. I will say it is awesome jawsome that she has excellent friends and family who will brave the DC traffic and come visit us here. It gives both of us a break. Three special ones are here right now – what a blessing and needed refreshment. R looks good, feels good, is spunky and perky, and still doesn’t care for roasted beef or turkey with congealed gravy on it. Or canned pears. But seriously – and other than the waiting – all is about as good as it can be under these circumstances. R can take calls on her cell phone and does read your email or texts. She may not answer or respond immediately or first time but she is ‘connected’ here and appreciates your outreach. And the cards are stupendous, too. Thanks for all of your care and concern. (Also, DVDs of the Jane Austen genre are her favorites – we usually don’t watch these together. I brought up Napoleon Dynamite and she fell asleep. Stick to 1800s or early 1900s, British accented, strong women, less than useful men themes – her faves.) All in all, a decent, generally positive, encouraging week.

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