May 30 – To say the least, we are tired and a bit frustrated.  Still no news about the liver biopsy.  Not sure where the hang-up is.  Our ‘fellow’ doctor visited us several times today telling us that the results were pending were pending were pending.  She came in this evening around 5:30 and voiced her displeasure with not being able to get the results.  I think she is sincere.  Of course, WHC is a huge machine with thousands of patients and issues.  We get it.  But it is still a bit frustrating.  There is the weekly ‘heart ward’ doctor/nurse meeting on Thurs at noon and R is the top of their list to be discussed, we are told.  We’ve hoped before, but perhaps this meeting will give reason to pathology to get their results up to 4D.  Anyway, we are ok.  R is getting along. Movies and naps and meds and talking and walking and just getting through the days and nights.  Of course, it will all come unglued here in a few days and we won’t be able to keep up so we are trying to keep this all in perspective.  

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