May 29 – Waiting and anticipating. Increased the dosage of milrinone – doctor said to a ‘normal’ dosage level – to see how R adapts.  So far so good but it will take a few days for the full dosage to take a grip.  A patient friend of hers went home this evening.  An elderly man who was also a doctor at one time many years ago.  It was decided he was too old for a transplant so they sent him home with a milrinone infuser – which is what R might come home with in a few days.  He said he did some research – said that milrinone is usually not prescribed for more than 3 years to heart patients.  He has a little bag on his hip with the meds and the pump that will automatically inject the med through a PICC or Hohn connection. Hope he does ok. So Wed is when the liver biopsy report is scheduled to be complete – we wait with anticipation.  Either she can or can’t be put on the list for transplant.  Either way, we are a bit scared and unsure of what the future will hold.  Prayers for peace, please.

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