Holiday Weekend

May 27 – A holiday weekend at the hospital.  Dr. Hufflepuff came in – nice man – and assured us that the biopsy would be looked at with results by Tues or Wed at the latest.  In the meantime, we just wait.  Bean brought her mom up today to see us – that was fun and nice.  More roast beef and rice.  Watched a movie or two on our DVD player.  Watched a neighbor not move all day – she must be really sick.  She can’t speak English so an interpreter comes in when things need to be said.  As far as we know, she rarely gets out of bed.  Once a day, her nice husband comes in – today he brought several young children.  Mom must be sick and must be young, too.  Sad. We want to wave to her or smile, but she is often asleep and doesn’t leave her bed.  Too bad.  What would it be like to be in a hospital with a heart condition and not be able to communicate with the doctors or nurses? Frightful.  R and I go from high to low to high each day – positive and upbeat then depressed and wondering.  It’s hard. The uncertainty and the options and the gravity of the situation just can’t be forgotten after a short walk, a movie, a prayer, or a visit.  Long days mostly just tick on and on.  This is truly a rare event – I’m not sure how this will all end for both of us.  Thankfully, we have faith and some awesome family and friends.

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