Pretty Slow

May 26 – Sat on this Memorial Day weekend is pretty slow.  R is doing fine today compared to two weeks ago.  Nothing much happened today.  More meds and care from staff.  The ‘weekend’ staff are nice people.  Good news – many visits today from friends and family beginning around 10am and lasting, off and on, until 9:30pm.  Thanks to everyone for making the trek up to DC and spending some quality time with R.  She really enjoys it – it breaks up the day and takes her mind off of things.  Probably the best medicine right now.  We, of course, wait for the finding from the liver biopsy.  We were tentatively told and are somewhat guessing that we will hear something perhaps next Tues or Wed.  Long time to go but not much else we can do to speed it up.  Talking.  Visiting.  Walking a bit.  Resting.  Watching a few movies.  God has us waiting…

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